About Art As Artist

Art As Artist was started in March 2023 by me, Andrew Wulf.

I am an artist specializing in an unusual art form that combines generative art, digital editing, digital painting, "AI," and photography in various combinations. My art is highly varied in "style," but everything is made with the same evolutionary process and thus is related despite the high variation. I am self-taught and started in 2018, a few years before retiring after nearly 40 years as a programmer.

My art (beginning in 2020) is viewable on my website. This blog will talk about my art, my inspirations as an artist, and anything about art that interests me.

Art As Artist came about as I was looking for some art-related title that wasn't already overused and found an excellent domain that fit the bill.

This publication will also be syndicated on Medium.

I also have a programming publication (The Codist) that will reflect on a wider variety of topics than when I was working.